Chica Gilmer recipient Caitlin King “Umpiring has allowed me to make new friends

The Chica Gilmer Hockey Scholarship is given out annually to talented Under 19 female hockey players or umpires to help them develop their talent. The 2018 Chica Gilmer scholarship was awarded to a young up and coming player/official from the Marlborough region Caitlin King. King is a goalkeeper who will be attending the 2019 National Under 18 Association Tournament where she will be playing for Tasman. Caitlin is also a promising up and coming umpire who has over the past four years been attending Hockey New Zealand’s National Tournaments where she has been getting opportunities to help her development as an official.

Mike Treloar said of Caitlin’s “Her commitment to umpiring has been immense over the past five years. This has been evident with the high rankings she achieved at previous Hockey New Zealand National Tournaments. In Marlborough Caitlin gave her time to the game without hesitation and became a key mentor within her peers for younger officials coming through”.

We spoke with Caitlin about what she wants to achieve and what opportunities she has been given.

Q – What do you hope to be able to achieve through umpiring?

Caitlin – Through my umpiring I hope to be able to develop how I play and my understanding of the game through the different viewpoints gained from umpiring.

Q – What role does an umpire play in the game?

Caitlin – I feel that the role umpires play in the modern game is much smaller than it used to be, however it is more important as we enable the game to flow and be played at a fast pace.

Q – What do you enjoy about umpiring?

Caitlin – I enjoy being able to help develop players understandings of the game and being able to watch and learn new styles of play. I also enjoy that it enables me to give back to my association.

Q – What opportunities have you been provided through your umpiring?

Caitlin – Umpiring has provided me with opportunities to go to tournaments which enables me to make new friends from around the country and further develop my umpiring.

Q – What challenges have you found when umpiring?

Caitlin – One of the main challenges I have found while umpiring is controlling my emotions and not letting things get in my head. Overcoming these challenges has not only helped me become a better umpire but has also helped me in life.

Q – What has the support of the Chica Gilmer Scholarship meant?

Caitlin – The support of the Chica Gilmer scholarship has meant that there is much less financial strain from my tertiary costs, and has also meant I am able to complete my first year of study student loan free.

Q – How does being a player and an umpire give you a good appreciation towards the other?

Caitlin – Being both a player and an umpire has been blessing and a curse. It has given me the perspectives that enable me to understand and react justly to players opinions and has taught me how easy it is for an umpire to miss little calls.

Posted on Wednesday, 19 June, 2019 | Grants
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