Grant Criteria

The Foundation has been set up to ensure that the future of hockey is a strong and vibrant sport at the grassroots level.

To achieve these goals The Foundation wish to invest in the hockey community, supporting and helping to facilitate innovative projects run by local Associations.

The Foundation is now seeking applications for grants from New Zealand Hockey Associations with a focus on developing innovative programmes that deliver against the key criteria of growing sustainable hockey participation in New Zealand.

Each application for a grant will be assessed on its merits by the Executive Officer and Trustee’s with a focus on co-investment in programmes /events/ projects run by associations which deliver good value for money and align to The Foundation’s long term goals.

Hockey Foundation Long Term Goals

  • Provide quality experiences for Kiwis to participate and remain in hockey
  • Strengthen our delivery structure through quality experiences in coach development including umpires and officials
  • Enable 200,000 Kiwi Kids to Participate and remain in hockey programmes
  • Support health, wellbeing and leadership through hockey in our communities

“To do this we need to invest back into the community, with outcomes that align with the Hockey Foundation and Hockey communities needs, goals and priorities”


  • Hockey Associations


  • What the grant will be used for
  • When it will be used
  • Who it will target
  • How much they are applying for
  • What success will look like and how will it be measured
  • How the application aligns to the Hockey Foundation charitable purposes to educate New Zealanders and promote health benefits through participation in hockey.
  • Which Hockey Foundation outcomes the grant will be used for
  • What investment the applicant is making into the project in terms of: 
  • Project establishment 
  • Project/Programme sustainability 


Associations requesting Foundation grants need to show how their community-based projects will:

  • Grow participation in hockey
  • Provide innovation in hockey
  • Develop capability
  • Grow awareness of hockey
  • Assisting with improved facilities that will be available to the whole community (not to fund new facilities). Applicants must show that the facility is a multi-purpose, recreational use facility and the social impact of the facility.
  • Improve player/umpire/officials education and development
  • Provide coach education opportunities
  • Provide coaching opportunities for participants
  • Increase diversity of the hockey community
  • Be short to medium term self-sustaining

While we acknowledge that many of our sport’s community-based projects are not-for-profit, the Foundation will also consider investing in or underwriting commercially focused projects which provide surplus-sharing opportunities or can leverage further funding from local communities.  This would enable proceeds back to the Foundation to be recycled and further invested in our hockey communities. Applications which demonstrate the ability to achieve these objectives for the Foundation are encouraged.


  • The running of already funded community programs (Small Sticks etc)
  • High performance programmes or further the activities of professional sports persons
  • Programmes that can only be run in one location and are not transferable for the good of all associations
  • Prizes for sports events
  • Food and alcohol, as well as “after match” functions
  • Sporting trips for supporters and spectators
  • Dress or training uniforms
  • Items that do not meet the outcomes of the Hockey Foundation or charitable status 


All Foundation funding request forms (below) must be accompanied by a budget and include a presentation that highlights the opportunity that the new initiative presents.  

A budget should include:

  • A start and end date for the period covered by the budget
  • All anticipated and confirmed income and your expected expenses
  • Expected timeframe for the programme to become self-sustaining
  • A post implementation review
  • A post completion review.

If your request is approved, you may use the grant for any costs listed in your budget,  that align with the Foundation criteria as listed above.


The Hockey Foundation has put a hold on association grants for 2023 and will work closely with HNZ to assist in specific projects that will benefit the wider hockey communities around NZ.

If you require further information, please direct all enquiries to


Grant Accountability is required to be completed within the timeframe specified at the time of approval, generally within four months of grant approval notification.

Funds received from Hockey Foundation must be used only for the purpose for which they were approved.

Funds are to be used within three months of receiving them, unless written approval to exceed the time limit is received and agreed by the Hockey Foundation.

Invoices and evidence of payment need to be accounted for.