There are a number of ways you can help the Hockey Foundation from;

  • Making a donation now
  • Setting up a monthly donation
  • Adding a donation when you register at the start of the hockey season
  • Leaving a donation in your will (bequest)

All donations are greatly appreciated and there is no minimum amount. The following are suggested levels only. You may choose to donate in a lump sum or over a period of time.

 $50,000 plus – Cornerstone Donor, member of the Hockey Foundation First XI

 $20,000 or more – Platinum Donor

 $10,000 – $20,000 – Gold Donor

 $2000 – $10,000 – Silver Donor

Less than $2,000 – Bronze Donor

Donations are tax deductible because the Hockey Foundation is listed on the Charities Register and has been approved by Inland Revenue as a donee organisation. You will receive a tax receipt and should consult your accountant as to how to claim a tax credit.

Your donation will help improve the health of Kiwis through the growth and development of hockey in New Zealand. Funds raised by the Hockey Foundation will enable 200,000 Kiwi kids to participate in hockey programmes by 2020, and will support health, wellbeing and leadership through hockey in our communities, and pathways for players.

For example:

$25 per month ($300 per year) could help engage more children in hockey by contributing to costs such as the purchase of a Small Sticks school delivery

$50 per month ($600 per year) could help encourage more young people to be healthy by introducing them to hockey through the purchase of new equipment such as a Renegade Youth Hockey kit

$100 per month ($1,200 per year) could support the development of hockey officials by helping pay for a person to attend an umpire or coaching course.

As a supporter you will be kept well informed about the work of the Foundation, but unfortunately we don’t tag individual donations. We are happy to talk through the programmes that your funding helps with.

Yes, any grant over $1,000 can be tagged to an association/region, if the grant application from the association/region meet the Foundation’s charitable purposes.

Please call Hockey NZ CEO Anthony Crummy on +64 27 475 5001 to discuss how you can help the Hockey Foundation.

100% of donations made to the Hockey Foundation will go directly to the Foundation. All operating costs are met by Hockey NZ.

The Hockey Foundation would love to hear from anyone keen to make a bequest in their will.  It’s easy to do. Just advise your lawyer to include the following wording in your will:

“I give and bequeath to the Hockey Foundation for their work in improving the health of Kiwis through the growth and development of hockey in New Zealand [list here the percentage of estate, residue of estate or specific amount of money or items], free of all death and estate duties and I declare that the official receipt of the Foundation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executors.”

Your bequest (gift) can take a number of different forms:

 A specified sum of money

 A particular item or items

 A percentage of the value of your estate

 The residue of your estate after provision for family and other beneficiaries. (The residue of your estate is what is left following payment of all debts and expenses and after payment of specific gifts to family and friends.)

The Hockey Foundation will accept gifts such as real estate, publicly traded securities, life insurance, other assets (art, jewellery etc) and loans if they serve to achieve its purpose. The Foundation reserves the right to refuse any contributions that are not financially beneficial or involve potential liability.

Hockey is always looking for volunteers. Please contact your local association to find out how you can help. A list of associations can be found HERE

You could also consider fundraising for the Foundation, such as by running the Auckland Marathon. Contact Hockey NZ at for more information.

An up-to-date register of all donors will be maintained ensuring requests to be publicly acknowledged or to remain anonymous are adhered to.

The Hockey Foundation is very supportive of the strategic plan that Hockey NZ has put in place, and it will work closely with Hockey NZ to ensure grants from the Foundation are directed to the projects most in need.

Hockey New Zealand, regional bodies and hockey associations can all apply for a grant.

If you meet the grant criteria, you can apply for a grant through Hockey NZ. There are two grant making rounds per year and grant application forms can be found online or obtained by emailing