What We Do

What We Do

The Hockey Foundation is a charitable trust that raises funds to improve the health of Kiwis through the growth and development of hockey in this country.

The purpose of the Hockey Foundation, is to support hockey coaches and coaching to make a positive impact on the lives of players, providing a quality experience that encourages new players to join the sport, for players to participate longer, and as the key to strong player development.

Hockey Foundation Long-Term Goals

  • Provide quality experiences for Kiwis to participate and remain in hockey
  • Strengthen our delivery structure through quality experiences in coach development including umpires and officials
  • Enable 200,000 Kiwi Kids to Participate and remain in hockey programmes
  • Support health, wellbeing and leadership through hockey in our communities

To do this we need to invest back into the community, with outcomes that align with the Hockey Foundation and Hockey communities needs, goals and priorities.