Grant Applications


Your grant application will be assessed by the Executive officer and the board at the end of each funding month and you will be notified via email whether you have been successful or not with your application shortly after this.

No funding decisions will be made between September and February.

Applications can be completed online.

Only completed applications will be considered.

If you require further information, please direct all enquiries to or call 02102912608.


Grant Accountability is required to be completed within the timeframe specified at the time of approval, generally within four months of grant approval notification.

Funds received from Hockey Foundation must be used only for the purpose for which they were approved.

Funds are to be used within three months of receiving them, unless written approval to exceed the time limit is received and agreed by the Hockey Foundation.

Invoices and evidence of payment need to be accounted for and payments for your specified project must be paid for after the successful application has been approved.